The Tsiri band came about for the needs of the art collective “Tsiritsantsoules” so that there would be a group which will cover the musical need of their independent productions.

Nikos Giousef was their coordinator during their first years and they cooperated with various musicians, who were part of the group occasionally.

In September 2010 however “Tsiri band classic” started making steady performances with Irini Tiniakou and Nikos Giousef.

2012 found them in search of 2 members who play other musical instruments and they bonded with Giorgos Christopoulos and Fivos Katsifloros. That very same year they released a video clip “The Solidarity Song (In the Streets), a remake of the historic revolutionary song of Alekos Xenos which Grigoris Klioumis sings. Additionally there is the song “Hima Rima” which Dina Kafterani sings.Tasos Peppas played the drums.

In 2013 the album “Tsiri Jams”is released on the internet, which was recorded stereo live during the period 2012-2013. It was a period when they were searching for their new sound and that’s how these improvisations came out.

Their last production with George Christopoulos is a short movie “Hide and Seek” by Dionisis Mataragas on a Tsiritsantsoules production.

In 2014 Thodoris Dilgeris replaces George Christopoulos and therefore Tsiri is created in its current form.

In 2015 they recorded live the concert they gave at the occupied theatre “Empros” for the “15 years of the art collective Tsiritsantsoules”

They cooperate with the Antibodies and appear at “A Night For The Ramones II” in coopeations with Mike Pougounas but without Irini Tiniakou as she was pregnant at the time.

In 2016 they celebrated the release of the album “Revolution” in the same venue where they had recorded live. In the self administrative occupied theatre “Empros”.

They have cooperated on stage with various guests such us Woody & Julio Panx, Panx Romana, George Katsanos, Grigoris Klioumis, Mike Pougounas, Katholou Crew, Stauros Parginos, Iliah Algaer..

Even though the types of music the band plays vary (rock, jazz, drum’n’bass, funk, garage, punk, electronic, psychedelic classical, ethnic, hip hop ..etc.) their characteristic stage design, costumes and profile, combined with the classical and improvising point of view they have classifies them in the Avant-garde scene as well. A scene which we have not become accustomed to or even come upon in Greece.